Exhibition Poatina Tree Panorama
Exhibition Poatina Tree Gallery 2019/20

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XO- Aged, Mature, Distilled – Figure in Landscape No. 42.

2022 Oil on Linen 510 x 1530mm

$5800 – click on the image for details and purchase options.

Oil painting of a rainforest with sunlight streaming in lighting the pond in the creek golden.

Beauty for Ashes. Figures in Landscape No.5

2022 Oil on Linen 915x605mm


Oil Painting of a Cider Gum tap tree that has recently died.

The Passing of a Tap Tree. Figure in Landscape No. 39

2022 Oil on Linen 1020 x 765mm

$4800 – click on the image for details and purchase options.

Fern Dance

Fern Dance: Pas de Deux No.4

2022 Oil on Linen 505 x 1020mm

$3200 – click on the image for details and purchase options.

Sassafras: Figure in Landscape No. 36 2021 Oil on Linen 515 x 705mm

$1600 – Click on the image for details and purchase options.

Sentinel: Crowds in Landscape No. 2 2021

Oil on Linen 1220mm x 765mm

$5800 – click on the image for details and purchase options.

Renew: Stump in rainforest

Renew: Figures in Landscape No. 4 2021 Oil on linen. 1020mm x 765mm

$4500 – click on the image for details and purchase options.

First completed work from my new Rainforest painting series.

Artist in Residence Poatina 2015

The Town of Poatina in Tasmania has an artists in residence program that have bought many and varied artists to the region. Some of us have chosen to stay and the town now has a vibrant arts community. They also run their own Gallery. The Poatina Tree Gallery.

Beatitudes Series 2007-2013

This series is based on the famous Sermon on the Mount sayings of Jesus found in Matthews Gospel. These trees growing on mountain tops became metaphors. I still have three more to find and paint.

Figure in Landscape series 2005-2013

This series of paintings have been the backbone of my work. Begun in 1981, it is a portrait view of a tree placed central as a portrait. It celebrates the personality individual trees within their environment.

Western Sydney Dry Rainforest 2006-2012

This small series of paintings were completed in a small patch of remnant Dry Rainforest at the Wheeny Creek reserve a part of the Wollemi National Park.

Metaphors of Being Series 2006-2013

It is amazing how trees grow in difficult situations and manage to live. This series of paintings focuses on these amazing beings and the metaphors of human experience they evoke.

Marysville Rainforest Paintings 1999

This group of six paintings were the real turning point in my painting. They set the way I go about painting multiple paintings at once on location. These Beech Myrtles taught me how to see and observe trees and the environment but more importantly how to listen to them.

Assorted works from 1985-current

Currently I am painting in two very different biomes the Central Plateau and Temperate Rainforests of Tasmania . Follow my progress below and in the Story section. Finished work will appear in this gallery as completed. Click on individual images for details and sales.

Cider Gum Project

Liffey Rainforest Paintings

I am also a Silversmith, Photographer, and Performance Poet. click for details.