Recent Silver Work

My silver work has always explored the relationship of the materials with the concept of precious. Combining different metals, recycling, redeeming scraps and celebrating texture and surface are features of my work. They are all hand built bespoke works. Traditional Silversmithing is a physical activity. It combines forming, forging and hammer work with find motor skills of delicate findings, wire work and very accurate soldering and finishing.

I like to make pieces that are gender neutral. As a male silversmith I wear many of my own pieces. I explore work targeted to break male stereotypes when it comes to jewelry.

Silversmithing Workshops

Workshops can include basic techniques and introduction to materials to make simple objects such as rings and broaches and pendants. I like students to express individuality so we don’t all make the same thing. There a limits to what can be achieved in a three day workshop. But small groups means you have plenty of individualized attention to make that special piece. Note: due to required skill levels I do not teach the setting of stones in my workshops.

I majored in silversmithing in my Art degree. Silver has always been a passion of mine. But until recently I lacked access to a studio to work and teach in. Poatina has a spacious and well equipped workshop in the Poatina Arts Centre. We also use the charming 1950’s styled Mountain Chalet for accommodation and meals. Workshops will be 3-5 days in length to allow for the production of quality work. No experience necessary.

Silversmithing workshop in progress
Silversmithing workshop in progress.

Are you interested in participating in one of my Silversmithing workshops?

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