Of Winters Past

Of winters past
Figure in Landscape No. 33

Of Winters Past 2015 Oil on Linen 910 x 910mm $4300

This wonderful tree died during 2019/20. It will fall over soon. But while it stands it is a memorial to winters past.

Of Winters Past. When painted this old cider gum was close to death. But it retained the old dead branches around its girth like a dress. This reminiscent of the life it once had when it was pressed down and shaped by winters long snow load. But unfortunately the snow has failed to last. Climate change, warmer weather and a rising snow line has meant these trees are dying. The cider gums have no where to go. They live at the top of the mountains on the Central Plateau. There is deep concern for their survival. They face extinction. See my current Cider Gum Project.