House Master

House Master
Oikadsepotia – the House Master: Figure in Landscape No. 10

House Master (oikadespotia) 1999 Oil on Linen 900 x 1200mm $4500

Short version 1:38 min

The Oikadespotia (House-master) brings forth his treasures both new and old. This parable is from Matthew 13:52. This tree is surely the king of this forest.  This is a huge Myrtle. Visible are at least four root layers of past trees (treasures old) and there is fierce sibling rivalry, (treasures new), for the shoot which will be big and strong enough to take over when and if the main trunk falls. This is an exceptionally old tree. As it grows on the edge of the canopy on the other side of a gully it has little competition. Hezekiah was criticized by Isaiah for showing off Israel’s treasures – leading to Judah’s exile. Hear some more in my long version of the story above.

Long version 9 min