Flowing with Honey

Honey Metaphore Two
Metaphor of life No. 2

Flowing with Honey 2006 Oil on Linen 500 x 500mm $1300

Sometimes the extraordinary needs to occur to maintain a hold on life.  This large mature angophora grows on the steep banks of Weenie creek.  But in order to maintain its balance as it grew it needed to establish a much more secure base.  To give this a context the overhang is about one meter deep and the trunk of the tree about a meter in diameter.  The flow of the root is over two meters wide. I stood there in the creek for hours over ten weeks and still could not believe the reality of this amazing tree. 

Knee deep painting in creek
Painting on location

If this were not enough the angophora announces its magnificence in a blaze of colour in celebration of summer.  Sometimes the creation shouts aloud the glory of its maker. This richness is our land flowing with milk and honey.   This series of small paintings, begun in 2005, celebrates the way a tree begins and survives life in most unusual ways.  Trees take hold in the most hostile environments. They grow and develop in most bizarre ways. On their journey in life they perform amazing feats.

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