Angophora Purple Crown

Angophora Purple Crown
Branches No. 2

Angophora Purple Crown 2013 Oil on Linen 400 x 400mm SOLD

Angophora Purple crown. The angophora coasta is an ancient tree with different properties to a gum tree. These differences can be seen in its branches and crown. One main difference is the branches leave the trunk or parent branch at angles up to 90 degrees. A gum bisects at no greater than 60 degrees. Secondly the tree drops it’s branches in a shear breaks which makes the branch loss appear to be lopped off as with a chain saw. This can be seen in the painting at numerous sites.

Active Bark layer in crown

The angophora has a very active new timber and bark layer. This is seen in the sealing over of limb scares. Eventually these will be covered completely. The tree also has many coloured forms in summer. The purple (lilac in the sun) contrasts with the colour of the under layer which will be revealed when the bark peels in summer. this tree is heading for the orange variation this season. It could be a stronger red or an subtle pink, depending on seasonal factors during the year.