Being a wordsmith is one of my many creative pursuits. I specialize these days in impromptu poetry. I slam in iambic pentameter. That means Shakespeare style. Unrehearsed and totally free form, I ask the audience to provide me with three or four words. Have a listen to the few examples below.

This impromptu piece was a response to the sound at my Cider gum painting site.

Along with Poetry writing there has also been drama and musicals to perform. I also have written two plays as well as working on a novel.

This one produced in COVID lockdown

My training as a wordsmith included a lot of Shakespeare. King Lear is perhaps my favourite character. ( perhaps turn down your sound for this next one.)

Just after the devastating fires in Australia came COVID – a real Lear situation.

This website has not been built to feature my wordsmith activities. Please keep track of these at my YouTube Channel. Many of my slams, including some of these, are not yet on this channel so a search of Russell McKane and Shakespeare will bring up further gems.