Journeys – Art Photography

Journeys are an environmental documentary approach to the photographing the landscape.

Phantom journey
Phantom Journey – 1993 Vintage camera – analogue

To journey through a landscape, whether on foot, in a car or train is to gain fleeting glimpses.

Space- Cradle mountain series
In the gaps 2016 – iPhone

Rules are chosen before the journey for image making: in this series iPhone at left hip – click at every break in bushes – don’t stop or frame.

Journey on a beach
Refuge Cove Banksias 1996 – 35mm Analogue

Every Tree on beach section washed away by storm. This led to a number of series of images that documented every tree no matter size, significance or look, using a framing formula. Portrait as one would a person. This closely links to my painting series Figure in Landscape which was developing at the same time.

Silver wattle saplings - every tree
Wattle Saplings Selection from 20 images – 35mm Analogue
Exhibition Photo series
Recent series on exhibition 2019/20

The Todd river series, above left, documented every tree group between two 5 star hotel complexes at Alice Springs, from the tourist footpath. Documenting in this way brings not only environmental issues to light but also social issues. This was a feature of my earlier analogue series of every tree – Alexander Avenue ( documenting tree protests with the expansion of a Melbourne freeway) and Yuendumu park, NT documenting the poverty of this First Nations community via their trees in the town park.

Panorama trees
17 in between 42 2019 – Panorama function on iPhone

Image making equipment is not critical nor is taking images with European classical design rules. My images break down the compositional elements and use series of images to promote sense of experience and space.

Recent journeys

Art Photographic Series Ice
Ice Quadrant 2020 – SLR Digital

A micro journey of an iced puddle.

Waddamana windows
Waddamana Windows 2020 – SLR digital

These window divided the landscape as my series images often do. In documenting the three large industrial windows at the Waddamana Hydro Power station Museum. I was also able to document the landscape seen through them.

Weir wash journey Part one
Weir wash journey Part one
Weir Wash 2020- SLR digital

The journey along a small weir as a pieced extended panorama

Toward a cider gum
Toward a Cider Gum 2021 – SLR digital

Currently I am working on a number of photographic series of Cider Gums on the Central Plateau of Tasmania. These very rare trees are suffering die back induced by climate change. Caused by a lack of heavy snows as the snow line retreats. I am also working on a series of 20 Oil paintings distilling this environment on canvas before it disappears.