Giants in the land

Giants in the land Figure 24
Figure in Landscape No. 24

There were giants in the land. 2006 Oil on Linen 750 x 1150mm $5200

There were giants in the land. What a sad truth. Weenie Creek campsite is home to a grove of giant Blue Gums, preserved in a popular camping site, bounded by the steep walls of rock and a creek.

 The undergrowth is camped out and now European grass. It is not unlike the famous Blue gum Forest in the Grose Valley, Blackheath, which fortunately was closed to camping in the seventies to enable the undergrowth to recover. But here is one of the only spots were people can camp for free, with very little restrictions. The giants in true spirit take the occasional blows from uncaring Tommy hawks wielded by less than Davids. A promised land under threat? The spies reported to Moses “But there are giants in the land.” The sad truth is that there are not many giants left.  Logged out and crowed out, why are we as humans afraid of giant trees? Is their long life a reminder of our few years? Must they be conquered and bought low with pen knives and chain saws?