Colo River Rock Face

Colo rock face
Figure in Landscape No.8

Colo River Rock Face 2012 Oil on Linen 400 x 800mm 600

This painting represents a significant variation from my typical painting. First the focus is on the rock not the tree. The first layer was painted from the upper deck of a houseboat. It was a wonderful trip but this negated coming back to do my normal work. As a consequence I did some drawings and took photos and finished it at home. Finished – yes this is essentially two layers only. I deliberately gave these a lot of transparency so the viewer could get an real insight into my first layers which in all paintings are vigorous and exciting.

Colo River Houseboating

The Colo and Hawkesbury River system is ideal for houseboating. It is well worth the expense for a holiday – instant relaxing. Also fantastic for the artist who likes trees and rocks. It affords views and a stable platform to work form. Maybe one day I will own a house boat and be able to paint long term moored off the banks.