Dance of life

Dance of life
Pas de deux No. 1 Dance of life

Dance of life 2006 Oil on Linen 800 x 800mm $3800

Dance of life.

This series Pas de deux began in 1980 in drawings and some palette knife paintings but only in 2006 did it made the big canvas. The series explores the way two species of trees move grow and dance together in harmony.

In Wilberforce these two trees have managed to grow closer in spite of the pruning efforts of the local electrical company and council. Perhaps a marriage is like that. But more than survival, it’s a dance, a joy and life lived in fullness.

In this exuberant life they are the pride and joy of their true caretakers, owners of the house. They faithfully tend to the Lord’s garden, grieve at the pruning and value the magnificent parable before them.  If the trees were ever to be made silent the very stones themselves would sing of the wonder they have witnessed.