Cascading Banksia

Cascading Banksia
Metaphor of life No. 7

Cascading Banksia 2013 Oil on Linen 510 x 510mm $1100

This banksia is cascading down a rock face seeking the sunlight. It’s grip on life is tenuous and its age is indeterminate. It appears to have had a long struggle with damage and the elements. Yet it still is able to put out magnificent banksia seed pods that hold the key to life and renewal.

Life can be a struggle when a tree is planted in a harsh environment like a rock ledge. The Banksia needs fire to germinate seeds. Chances are a seed ready for thriving was washed into this small rock crevasse where it was able to take root. So this painting represents the miracle of survival and thus the miracle of life. Life is celebrated in the bright golden flower. A joy to honey eater birds. And a visual feast for the eyes.

As I began this painting I was struck by the though that I had never before painted flowers in my paintings. This was something I sought to rectify. Australia in their gum trees have the worlds largest flowering plants. But these are often momentary events and spread out over years intervals. I shall have to make sure this is not the last ‘flower’ painting I do.