Russell’s Photography

Photography has always been a part of my arts practice. I started as a teenager working in wet darkrooms and old-school analog film. Photography was my minor at Art College where I explored ideas around environmental journeys. Since then my work falls into two categories.

Art Series

My art series. These are focused series and sequences that explore journey through the landscape. My photographic art was born in the environmental art movement of the 1970’s. Before setting off on a journey, I set parameters for image taking. It may be. Take an image every 100 paces while holding the camera at hip level. Or take an image of every tree in the space. The images are the antipathy of composition, focus and classical photography.

Journey Photography - Cradle Mountain
Shooting Rule: With iPhone my side, take images each time I walk past a gap in the undergrowth.

Individual Images

At the same time, my individual images are more classical in approach. I love that photography is about shaping vision. For those with eyes to see let them see. I am influenced by earlier photographers like Cartier Bresson. Although I have had training in the Zone System used by Edward Weston and Ansel Adams my aim is not to capture that one-off shot. My aim is to help the viewer explore the diversity and wonder of the world we live in. The small and insignificant are as important as the majestic.

Non-European design principles are a major influence on my current images. Particularly Japanese design aesthetic.

My Photographic art series are now available for viewing on my new Art Photography Gallery page as well as on my Facebook site.