Beauty for Ashes

Oil painting of a rainforest with sunlight streaming in lighting the pond in the creek golden.
Beauty for Ashes: Figures in Landscape No.5

Beauty for Ashes – 2022 Oil on Linen 915 x 605mm SOLD

Beauty for Ashes. What a strange title – I can’t see any ashes. But that’s the point. That is how beauty works. It makes you forget. It is oil or balm in the middle of a nightmare. Everyone who has seen this painting has responded instantly that it is beautiful.

As I finished this painting we are in the middle of seeing the destruction and devastation of Ukraine. Humanity is challenged once again by our own cruelty. Yet daily I have had the privilege of being able to sit in this beauty as I painted it for you. No kidding, or artistic license, it is this beautiful and more so.

We need beautiful images when our daily diet of news imagery is desolation and destruction. It gives us hope. Hope that there is beauty in the world. Hope also that once the destruction is finished restoration and beauty will come. Nature is amazing at creating beauty out of our destruction.

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