Blame the Chain Saw

Blame the chain saw - Half figure in landscape No.1.
Half Figure in Landscape No. 1

Blame the Chain Saw 1993 Oil on Canvas 620 x 530mm $1200

Blame the chain saw.

I have often stopped and photographed trees that are no more, Stumps left by the woodcutter or other purpose.  So often even in death the trees trunk and connection to the soil of this good earth is inspiring.

This is the first stump to get treated as a subject in one of my paintings.  The second was only completed in 2021. Renew – see it in the gallery.

This stump was located outside the window of the garage of a house we rented for a short time.  So it was painted from life but from the luxury of a studio.  The trunk was actually cut vertically down the centre. The house owner obviously wanting to keep as much of the stump in the ground as he could, thus giving a wonderful view of the roots interaction with soil and rocks.