Photographic Journey with Cider Gums

Photographic series: Six images take circumnavigating the cider gum. One to Six o'clock
Time is running out

The ancient Cider Gums are dying before my eyes. Each trip I make to these magnificent sacred trees another has died. The vibrant growth I first experienced in 2015 on these large significant trees has gone. The climate is changing and these trees are at the extent of their habitat range. They have nowhere to go but into the memories of those privileged to have seen them.

These are the ancestors of the Lairmairenner Nation who once lived and celebrated on this land. I pay my respects to the Elders past, present, and emerging. It is on their unceded land I have the privilege to walk. A special thanks to Auntie (Dr) Patsy Cameron who walked this land with me and shared stories of the trees and their place in Trouwerner/Loetrouwitter lore. These two names are the North East and South East language Nation’s names for Tasmania.

Life clings to death. Photographic series.

I have a large painting project on this site but it is clear this will be too slow, too little, and perhaps too late. I need to speed the documentation up. So I have turned to my other passion – journey-based Art Photography.

My aim is to document each large tree, not scientifically but artistically. Using my experience in journey-based Art Photography to take you on an intimate journey with these trees as they come to an end of life. To live with them as they breathe their last. But more than this, to hope, that is some way these ancients might find a way to live on.

Hear more of the stories of the Cider Gums in the Gallery. Explore the rhythms and life cycle of these trees. Soak in the unique environment. Take your time – look and learn.

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