May we grow together

Grow together
Pas de Duex No. 2

May we grow together. 2006 Oil on Linen 765 x 265 mm $2500

These Backhousia Myrtlefolia are distinctive to Western Sydney Dry Rainforests, and like many rainforest myrtles they generate stock from their roots. This assures survival in shaded gullies where young saplings have no chance of competing for the scarce light. Thus, two are one and two become one. Growing together takes time, cooperation and commitment.

This is quite a personal painting for me. ‘May we grow together in the love of Christ’ is inscribed on a plaque I gave to my fiancé at our engagement. It has been an important part of our marriage from the beginning. So, in this context the metaphor from these trees becomes obvious. Two trees remain individuals but become entwined in the process of becoming one. Being grounded in the earth, grounded together is an important ingredient to marriage. But so is seeking the righteousness that shines down from above.