Current Projects

Cider gums project
Cider Gums Project
Golden Pond on location
Rainforest Project

Two projects

As you can see from the images above there could not be two more different biomes (environments) to work in yet these exist just 30km from each other as the crow flies. Follow the links for up to date progress of my current projects you will find interesting progress images and videos of Russell painting.

Cider Gum Project

I am currently based in Poatina, Tasmania, and working on a major series of paintings of the rare and sacred Cider Gums, eucalyptus gunnii. These trees, below, are only found on Lairmairrener Land now called the Central Plateau. The species is currently facing dieback mainly due to changes to the snow line, most likely caused by Climate Change.

Sept 10, 2021

Winter is officially over but these is still regular snow at the Cider Gums. Six canvases underway but as I hit the reality of weather and location it will be some time yet before the first are finished.

Cider Gums in progress

Feb 24, 2021

I have started my most ambitious project yet, follow this project here. Join my email group for exclusive updates and early opportunities to reserve paintings for your office or home.

Of winters past
Of Winters Past

Rainforests of Liffey

I am also working on an exciting series of Rainforest paintings at the Tasmania’s famous Liffey falls. This is Kooparoona Niara country. Temperate rainforests are special places to paint in. The qualities of light and life are magical. This series seeks to capture this richness. In a rainforest everything and nothing is the focus. Your eye flits from plant to plant, highlight to highlight. One minute, a minute wonder is in light, the next it is unseen, lost in the shadows. It is like a stage. My job as an artist is to capture the drama. Only summative painting which distills the environment over time is able to do this.

Rainforest wonder

September 10, 21

Update: Paintings are getting completed quickly at the moment. This week I start two new paintings as I am getting prepared for my next exhibition. Click the link for latest images and watch work in progress.

September 10, 2021

Update: One painting completed and four on the go. Click the link for latest images and watch work in progress. I can’t show you the completed work as yet as it is entered in a major Art prize here in Tasmania – news soon.

Feb 24, 2021

I’m just beginning paintings in this location. I paint at Liffey when its too wild and windy at the Cider Gums. Check out my previous rainforest paintings in the Gallery.