Time is running out

Six images take circumnavigating the cider gum. One to Six o'clock
Time is running out 1-6
Time is Running out. 7-12

Time has all but run out for this cider gum. We are at 11:59 on the geological clock of these trees.

This is a marquette artwork created for an exhibition. The series wraps around as a continuous image. The clock face is from Big Ben in England, a symbol of the colonization that was decided on in the British House of Parliament. This set the clock ticking on the eventual demise of these trees and their caretakers.

I would love to see this artwork on a very large scale – either in a walk-in circular room. or as a large circular column to walk around. It will scale well as the series was shot with a high-quality medium format film camera.

Time is running out for this ancient tree

This ancient cider gum is one of the healthiest on this site. The scar on the southern face was burnt pre-colonization (1825) when the first nations people of this area were removed. Little is known about where and how but history assumes most were massacred.

The fence post, image 10, bears testament to the area used as farmland, taking over the already cleared hunting and ceremonial ground at this site. Later the area was used as a fishing lodge sponsored by the Government.

It is clear that like the other trees in this area this tree is showing signs of stress. It is losing its lower foliage. This dying process has become clearer as I visit the tree regularly.

Rules for the series: Moving anti-clockwise take a picture at every ‘hour’ point. Twelve images are designed to be viewed as a continuous series. The last image above is approximately facing due north.

Technical: Camera – Hasselblad Film 80mm lens. Manual setting: HP5 film ISO800 Developed then scanned – post work digital.

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Single length print on 17-inch roll paper (approx 5 meters long) $1400

12 Individual images A2 (17″ square) Set only. $1600

Marquette above $300 (as is)

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All Photographs are Giclee printed on Archival Acid-free papers and archival pigment inks. As with all works on paper, do not hang in direct sunlight.