Autopsy of a Cider Gum 2021

Time for the Autopsy. In 2015 I followed a small and very difficult 4WD track looking for trees to paint. I chanced upon an extensive and significant landscape of old trees. Were these the famous Cider Gums of old? As I smelt and tastes the sap it was clear they were. This one tree stood out its canopy touching the ground from snow load past. It was alive and while the lower limbs were dead leaves sprouted from the top portion of the canopy and new leaves closer to the trunk. I painted this tree from inside this canopy of branches.

Of winters past
Of Winters Past: Figure in No 33 2015

I had hoped this new growth would be enough to keep it alive. But to my horror by 2019 it had died. But why? It was not just this tree but many of the others in this area. An autopsy was required. By this stage, I had become passionate about telling the stories of these trees and documenting the trees before they disintegrated and became simply firewood.

Technical Information

Rules for the series: Approach Tree from one direction only. Every ten paces photograph tree edge to edge layering up as required. Final images composited from available images. 4×4 images were chosen to best represent the approach and journey to the center of the tree.

Technical: Camera Canon D600 EF24mm lens Manual setting: ISO200 f9 1/60 all images.

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Laid bare  ready for the autopsy
Autopsy of a cider gum 1 of 7
Exposed structure
Autopsy of a cider gum 2 of 7
Autopsy of the branches
Autopsy of a cider gum 3 of 7
Autopsy of the extremities.
Autopsy of a cider gum 4 of 7
Autopsy Inside the carcass
Autopsy of a cider gum 5 of 7
Anatomy of the core structures
Autopsy of a cider gum 6 of 7
Autopsy of the trunk
Autopsy of a cider gum 7 of 7

Purchase information

Series of individual A2 prints (seven images) $1400

Plus freight. Framing is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Larger sizes are available on negotiation with the artist. Smaller images are not available for this work.

All Photographs are Giclee printed on Archival Acid-free papers and archival pigment inks. As with all works on paper, do not hang in direct sunlight.