Exhibition – Cardinal Light

Exhibition of recent Paintings and Photography by Russell McKane

Exhibition Paster

Exhibition Details

The Poatina Tree Gallery is open in conjunction with the Tiers Tea Rooms. Currently, the opening hours are between 10 am and 4 pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays only. For this exhibition only, viewing at other times may be made by appointment. Ring the artist on 0499741647 to arrange.

The official opening will be on Sunday the 16th of October at 2 pm. Note the exhibition is open to the public before this date. See above.


1Autopsy of a Cider Gum2021 Photographic series 7   Colour Giclee prints$1200
2Rooted2022 Photographic series of 10 images Printed on two 17” roll strips. Sepia Giclee prints$1500
3The Passing of a Tap Tree. Figure in Landscape No. 392022 Oil on Linen 1020 x 765mm$4800
4Cardinal Light2022 Photographic series – 4 pairs of images  17” x 35”$1400
5Sentinels: Crowds in Landscape No. 22021 Oil on Linen 1220mm x 765mm$5800
6Fern Dance: Pas de Deux No.42022 Oil on Linen 505 x 1020mm$3200
7Renew: Figures in Landscape No. 42021 Oil on linen. 1020mm x 765mm$4500
8Beauty for Ashes: Figures in Landscape No.52022 Oil on Linen 915 x 605mmSOLD
9XO- Aged, Mature, Distilled: Figure in Landscape No. 42.2022 Oil on Linen 510 x 1530mm$5800
10Sassafras: Figure in Landscape No. 362021 Oil on Linen 515 x 705mm$1600


Note that for the duration of the exhibition all sales of work on display have a Gallery commission included whether purchased from the Tiers Tea Lounge or direct from the artist.  Also, note that the pricing remains the same for you the customer. Purchased works are available for pick up on November 13th from the Gallery. Packaging and delivery are extra outside of this – by arrangement with the artist.

For Online customers, a 50% non-refundable deposit is payable to reserve the work. The balance is payable by the 13th of November 2022 (by the closure of the exhibition.)

Exhibition opening – Video of the event.

Thanks to Steve Harris for his video and editing work.

Artists Statement

Cardinal light celebrates the nuances of light as it falls on the landscape. Light falls on darkness illuminating, exposing, and bringing life. Light is determined by its cardinal points as it falls on the landscape of this spinning globe. 

Light from the East is morning light – warming but not hot, as seen in the Painting Renew.

Light from the North is the ever-present light in this Tasmanian landscape. It is the main light of winter, bringing that distinctive Tasmanian battle of light and darkness to artworks. The Painting Sentinels captures this distinctive winter light.

Western light is vibrant, sometimes hot, and often coloured in the long twilights of summer. Western light in filtering through onto the Sassafras.

Southern light is reflected incident light, filling in shadows as seen in the painting Fern Dance.

As an artist, I distill light and time to expose the meaning and significance of a place. This occurs in both my Photographic and Painting artworks. At first glance, this appears paradoxical. My paintings appear photographic, and my photographs appear painterly. 


My paintings distill light over long periods of time using the Plein air mode of responsive painting. Distinctively though I bring old masters’ glazing techniques to this process. Building layers over time I combine hours and weeks of time into each art piece. No camera can capture this, as it is summative of experience, not a moment of time.

Photographic Works

These Cider Gums also defy the photographic moment. Their complexity, grandeur, and scale, let alone history, is not able to be captured in a single image. So, I use the camera like a brush to journal the journey of these gums in the landscape, With the camera, I take you on a journey into and around these trees and thus expose their secrets.

These rare Cider Gums eucalyptus gunnii are time capsules in themselves, having stood their ground and born witness to the passing of their people who once nurtured them and prepared them for burial. This remnant is the last of the Lairmairerenner people. Humbly I pay my respect to the Elders past, present, and emerging of the places I work. Particularly I wish to thank Aunty (Dr.) Patsy Cameron for her support and encouraging me to tell the stories of these trees and the sharing of knowledge of these sacred trees.

These stories may be read by following the QR codes attached to each work.